High Speed Specialty Doors

With our selection of high speed specialty stores, you can rest assured that your facility will be as efficient as possible. From rubber and fabric doors to or standard high speed metal doors, you can find the best fit for your workspace. All of our high speed specialty doors will keep the workflow at a steady and dependent pace. View our doors and find exactly what you’re looking for!

High Speed Insulated Fabric Doors

RapidFreeze™ is an interior fabric high speed freezer and cooler door that features an insulated curtain to prevent heat loss and condensation in settings where temperatures vary greatly on either side of the door opening. With a patent-pending quad-sealed guide design and an optional heated air curtain, this application driven solution is flexible enough to meet the thermal performance needs of demanding temperature and humidity combinations.

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High Speed Fabric Doors

The RapidFlex® series of fabric high speed fabric doors offer solutions for both interior and exterior applications.

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High Speed Rubber Doors

The RapidFlex® high speed rubber rolling doors are designed for extreme, heavy-duty applications. The rugged petrochemical resistant NBR rubber curtain is reinforced with polyester weave for added strength without the weight. This door features a patent-pending curtain lock design and was independently tested for wind load and can withstand up to 27.0 psf. The heavy-duty guide construction for this door is designed for harsh conditions.

The RapidFlex® High Speed rubber door features breakaway and self-reset, infrared obstruction detection, wireless reversing safety edges, and an industry-leading five year door system warranty.

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High Speed Metal Doors

Overhead Door™ high speed metal doors are a high speed offering that is both secure and aesthetically pleasing with opening speeds up to 80” per second. Engineered for high cycles the RapidShield® and RapidView® doors have a springless design requiring minimal interruption for maintenance.

RapidShield® and RapidView® feature a patent-pending integrated curtain-monitoring device and monitored wireless reversing edge.

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