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  • Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Selecting a New Garage Door

    Whether you are building a brand new home, updating your current home, or if disaster struck—buying a new garage door should not be taken lightly. A garage door is a very large purchase (both literally and figuratively) because it can impact your utility bills, the character of your home, and even the curb appeal if you ever decide to sell.

    It sounds relatively simple, right? You are probably imagining a trip to the showroom, where you will look around, select the one you like, and schedule an installation date. While it can be that easy, it probably won’t be by the time you factor in choosing a material (steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood), color, energy efficiency (insulated or non-insulated), and even the options (operators, windows, hardware). Follow these five steps to make sense of your options and to select the best one for your home:

    1. Ask Questions to Understand Your Options Research your options online before going to a showroom. Have your additional questions prepared for the Overhead Door Residential of Tulsa salesman. Our website is a great place to start to see your options or you can find six short videos which will help you understand the decision you are facing.

    2. Determine Which Material You Believe Best Suits You Garage doors are constructed using various materials and each type of material brings along its own host of pros and cons. Our steel doors which have the potential to last many years can be easily dented and the wood option is at higher risk of weather damage if not properly cared for. Wood doors can become expensive when you factor in the routine maintenance cost, but they can also be fully customized to match the architectural style of your home.

    3. Insulation If your garage door is attached to your home, insulation is a fantastic idea. Insulated garage doors will protect the interior of your home from the elements and weather (not to mention, lower your utility bills). Plus insulated doors make less noise when in operation than non-insulated doors. If your garage is detached from your home, bypassing insulation may be a simple way to save money.

    4. Operators, Add-Ons, and Extras Since you’re buying a new door anyway, doesn’t it make sense to spring for the latest model garage door opener? What about the windows you saw on your neighbor’s house that really added flare to the style of their home? With our options, you can have both. Plus, with a new garage door operator, you will be able to use your smartphone to control your garage door.

    5. Take that Trip to the Showroom Now that you have considered what you want your garage door to look like and the type of function you would like it to offer, it is time to head over to the Overhead Door Residential of Tulsa showroom. Once you are there, our professional staff will be able to answer any remaining questions, make suggestions, and schedule your installation date for your brand new garage door.

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  • My Garage Door Won't Open!

    - I Have a Broken Spring!
    Our Tulsa technicians can safely repair your garage door springs and cables if needed.
    - Remote Won't Work. I've Tried Everything.
    When changing the batteries and reprogramming aren't enough, call us! We carry most brands of remotes and keypads.
    - I Think It's The Motor!
    Let our technicians in Tulsa evaluate your motor and see if it would be better to repair your garage door motor or to install a whole new motor. We specialize in everything from Genie to LiftMasters repairs.

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