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    Overhead Door Residential of Tulsa is known for a wide-variety of garage doors, garage door products, top-quality customer service, and professional installation services. Some of our most popular requests and questions are in regards to our thermal efficient door: the Thermacore® Collection. This high-quality and well-insulated garage door is in demand in Oklahoma because of the strange weather we receive year around. Depending on the needs of your family, energy and thermal efficiency may not be the top of your priority list; however, there are many reasons this type of garage door will be best to meet the needs of your home.

    How do you know how much insulation your garage door needs to have? We advise that the amount of insulation you need is based upon your region. Since the garage door is the largest and often the primary entrance into your home with living space near it, it becomes more important to keep your garage a comfortable temperature. The R-Value of your garage door is the measurement of the insulation’s effectiveness. The Thermacore® Collection can offer an R-Value up to 17.1!

    Oklahoma weather is a challenge to exterior home appliances such as garage doors. If you have lived here any length of time than you already aware of the high winds and hail (if you recently moved to the wonderful state of Oklahoma, just wait until you experience your first Oklahoma spring). Your garage door is the largest point of entry into your home which causes it to be the largest opportunity for high-pressure destruction. An excellent feature available exclusively at Overhead Door of Tulsa is WindStorm™. WindStorm™ is a service that ensures your garage door meets regulations for various wind speeds and is prepared to withstand Oklahoma weather.

    Not only will you be better protected from high winds and torrential downpours, you will also be able to heat your home in the winter knowing you aren’t “heating the outside too.” Instead of a leaky door that allows your gas bill to climb to new heights, the Thermacore® door will limit heat loss due to the essentially leak-proof seal. Thermacore® is a premium steel door that will trap heat in the winter and retain cool air in the summer.

    According to our brochure, “The Thermacore® construction provides a continuous layer of foamed-in-place, CFC-free polyurethane insulation sandwiched between two layers of corrosion-resistant steel, for maximum thermal efficiency” and “with an air filtration rating of up to 0.08 cfm, seals provide superior resistance to the elements.” These doors are built to last and to provide peace of mind regarding your electricity bills and the items you have in your garage.

    These garage doors offer many great perks compared to other garage doors. Unlike other garage doors, they do not compromise aesthetic appeal to provide the peace of mind and reassurance. Our Thermacore® Collection comes in a variety of models and colors while still allowing you to select the panel and window style and the decorative accents like glass type and hardware. Beyond just the way the door looks, you also have the ability to select how the door operates. We offer powerful, quiet, and durable garage door openers that are designed with safety and convenience in mind.

    Allow us to build and install a custom garage door that not only matches the aesthetic of your home, but also provides efficiency in all the ways you did not know you needed.

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