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    When replacing your garage door operator and motor becomes a priority, you want to hire a reputable company that uses premier technology and offers the safest, most reliable equipment on the market. By choosing Overhead Door Residential of Tulsa to take care of your residential garage door needs, you are selecting not only the best company in Tulsa, but the Northeast Oklahoma area.

    We offer one of the best brands for motors on the market to meet your residential needs. Our Odyssey™ 1000 garage door opener offers quiet reliability & safety with its belt or chain driven system. The ¾ HPc DC motor delivers minimal noise with all the power you need to smoothly operate virtually any residential automatic door. For sectional doors, we offer the equally reliable & quiet Legacy® 800 garage door opener, with a ½ HPc DC motor, ideal for doors that weigh up to 500 lbs. No matter your residential needs, Overhead Door in Tulsa, OK has the system for you.

    Our Odyssey™ 1000 garage door opener comes with either a belt or chain drive system to select from. We cannot speak on which is best because they both work extremely well for certain lifestyles so it is up to you which is best for your home. Chain drives are more common than belt drives and they are also the least expensive between the two. They use a metal chain to run the garage on its track which creates additional noise that a belt drive wouldn’t have. If your garage isn’t attached to your home, a chain drive would be great for you. Belt drives operate on a rubber belt and are virtually silent compared to the chain drive. If you dislike the disruption of a noisy garage door, the belt drive may be the best option for you if you are willing to invest in a slightly more expensive operator.

    Home safety and security are paramount when you are looking to replace or upgrade your existing system, which is why Overhead Door Residential offers remotes with Rolling Code CodeDodger® technology. We offer a wireless keypad, single door remotes, key-chain remotes, Overhead Door Anywhere™, and deluxe transmitters with CodeDodger® technology, that eliminate the possibility of someone duplicating the radio signal that opens the garage door. This technology prevents unwanted access to your home, and virtually ends duplicate access code possibilities. Don’t worry that all your vehicles won’t have access to the garage, as this system is capable of recognizing up to seven separate remotes for the same opener.

    Overhead Door Anywhere™ application allows you to monitor your garage door from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet device. Check if your garage door was left open or if there has been any changes to the door’s position. The convenience of the app allows you to open the door from anywhere for delivery or repair people or even friends without having to provide the access code to your garage. Also, if you need to track when people have been in your home, you can view when the door was used including the dates and time.

    If the app doesn’t appeal to you, but you still are bothered by the nagging question of whether you closed the garage door or not, we have another option. The Door Report™ Garage Door Remote is compatible to all Overhead Door Garage Door motors. How does it work? Once the garage door is closes, the Door Report will flash a green light and beep as confirmation that your door was closed successfully. If the garage door does not close correctly, a warning tone will sound a red light will flash. The convenience of this remote will also offer peace of mind.

    Overhead Door Residential in Tulsa, OK, is dedicated to protecting your peace of mind and eliminating possible accidents. With that in mind, we offer a six-part safety package that features a Safe-T-Beam self-diagnostic system. The system allows the door stop and reverse within two seconds of contact. Automatic door reversal in thirty seconds if the door fails to close, and adjustable force sensitivity control create security if an issue arises. With a monitoring system for relay switch issues, you know the door will automatically reverse if there is a problem, or a malfunction with the Safe-T-Beam infrared system.

    When you expect the best and safest garage door system for your home, you will not be disappointed with Overhead Door Residential. Contact us today and discover why we are the best residential garage door company in Tulsa, OK.

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