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  • Winter Weather: Tips for Opening Your Frozen Door

    Since winter weather is just around the corner and let’s face it: Oklahoma is completely unpredictable, it is time to discuss how to open a frozen garage door. When the weather outside is frightful, it is hard to convince ourselves to exit our cozy home and enter into the whirlwind of the outdoors. Often, our beds and a warm cup of coffee or cocoa sounds much more appealing than embracing the cold that is sure to slap you in the face the moment you exit your door.

    You head out to your garage and press the button that usually leads to the loud noise of your garage door opening, yet nothing happens…there is a good chance your door is frozen shut. While it is tempting to just continue pressing the button until the door opens, DON’T! Continuously pressing the button when something (ice) stands in the way of the door opening will lead to damaging the motor and potentially the door itself.

    Picture it now- You’ll be feeling ultimate frustration as you stand in your work clothes, your coffee will be getting cold and all you will be able to think is “What now?” You may pull out your smartphone and google “how to open a garage door” and now you’re face-to-face with this article. Follow these simple steps to get your vehicle out of the garage and ready to jump on the highway to your 9-5.

    Step #1:
    Make sure the garage door hasn’t been locked. Look for obvious obstructions (ice).
    Step #2:
    Disconnect the door from the garage door opener. Run your hand along the track to ensure that there is not any frost or ice build-up.
    Step #3:
    If the door still won’t open, check once more for obstructions on both the inside and the outside of the garage door.
    Step #4:
    If at this point your garage door will not open, head back into the house to grab a hair dryer. Keep the unit on a low heat setting and try not to hold it on one area for too long.
    Step #5:
    There are other options for opening your door; however, they are time-consuming and risky. We do not want to help you damage your door so if these tips do not allow your system to function on its own then contact Overhead Door Residential of Tulsa and we will send one of our professional staff to assist you.

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  • My Garage Door Won't Open!

    - I Have a Broken Spring!
    Our Tulsa technicians can safely repair your garage door springs and cables if needed.
    - Remote Won't Work. I've Tried Everything.
    When changing the batteries and reprogramming aren't enough, call us! We carry most brands of remotes and keypads.
    - I Think It's The Motor!
    Let our technicians in Tulsa evaluate your motor and see if it would be better to repair your garage door motor or to install a whole new motor. We specialize in everything from Genie to LiftMasters repairs.

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